ATT1000 Series

ATT1000 Series

ATT1000 two-wire input temperature transmitter is a high performance device that receives Thermocouple/RTD/ohm/mV input and output mA with HART communication protocol.
Three internal keys to set parameter. Zero span calibration can be achieved either by HART or keypad.








  • Updating time of output current in 90 ms
  • Backlit LCD display rotatable to any angle
  • Two years stability of 0.1%
  • Accuracy +/-0.1% of Span
  • Parameter setting by keypad directly
  • 4-20 mA output plus direct digital  HART communication
  • Automatic zero calibration by press-button
  • Explosion proof and weather proof housing


Inputs: Display:
Universal Input Backlit LCD rotatable to any angle
Thermalcouple Display Function:
T/C (K, S, B, E, J, T, R, N) 5 Digits programmable & 0-100% Bargraph
RTD Display Unit:
CU50 / PT100, 2/3/4 wire oC /  oF /  oR /  oK
mV Setting Method:
-128 to +128mV / -1000 to +1000mV B Type
Resistance USB+PC software (windows system£©
0-600  / 0-5000   C Type
Accuracy: HART signal
+/- 0.1% of span D Type
Stability: HART signal & keypad 
+/- 0.1% of span for 2 years Current Output:
Temperature Effect: 4 – 20 mA 2 wires with HART  Signal 
+/- 0.1% of span per 10 oC Load
CJC compensation: Rohm = (Vdc-9) x 50 
+/- 0.5  oC Power Supply:
Simulation Output: 9 ~ 36 VDC
4-20 mA Digital Communication:
Material: HART Protocol
Wetted Parts Cable Entry:
SUS304 / SUS316 / Has. C / Tantalum etc M20 Conduit Threads / 1/2″ NPT (Female)
Housing Damping:
Low copper aluminum alloy (Sprayed with 0 – 32 seconds
light blue polyurethane paint) Response Time:
Module Housing 90 mS
Flame-resistant PC Turn on Time:
Name / Tag Plate 2 Seconds with minimum damping
Stainless Steel 304 / Stainless Steel 316 Zero Calibration:
Process Connection: Automatic zero calibration by press-button
Threads / Flanges Isolation:
Over Temp. Limit: Input/Output/GND isolated to 480VDC
120% of Full Scale Power Supply Effect:
Mounting: +/-0.005 of Span per V
Direct mounting or bracket on 2″ Pipe Weight:
Humidity Limit: 60g (Converter only) with display
0 to 100% Relative Humidity 30g (Converter only) without display
Ambient Temperature: Protection Class:
-25 to +85 oC IP67 (Standard)
Vibration Effect: Intrinsically Safe EEx ia IIC T5 (Standard)
+/-0.05% of URL per g to 200 Hz in any Explosion proof Ex D IIB T5
axis Sensor Connection:
EMI / RFI Effect: M27*2 (Female)
Follow SAMA PMC 33.1 from 20 to 1000
MHz and for field strengths up to 30 V/m