AUF200 Series

AUF200 Series

AUF200 Series measure flow or energy of water running in heating/cooling pipe by temperature sensor based on ultrasonic flowmeter. It’s simple, easy to install and battery powered, no need of external power. It can display flow rate, total flow, total heat, total cool, heat power and supply/return temperature etc..








  • Display flow rate, total flow, heating and cooling energy
  • 3.6V battery power, continuous working for 6 years
  • Auto turn off LCD  if no operation within 3 minutes, saving power
  • Supply or return alternatively for mounting
  • Displayer 270o rotational
  • Medium temperature up to 105 oC,  DT 0-80 oC
  • Threaded connection, easy for installation
  • M-BUS communication, easy for remote control and reading
  • Response time<15s


Measuring Principle: Velocity:
Ultrasonic, Time difference W path 0.01 ~  5 m/s
Size: Connection:
15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm Thread
Material: Working Pressure:
Sensor 25 Kg/cm2 Maximum
Stainless Steel 304 Mounting Position:
Coupling Supply or Return pipe
Brass Displayer:
Ball Valve Compact, 270o rotational
Brass Ambient Temp.:
Display Housing
-10 ~ +55 o C
PC Ambient Humidity:
Turndown Ratio: <=95% RH
50:1 ~100:1 Power Supply:
Accuracy: Battery Power
+/-2% Qt ~ Qmax Battery Life:
Repeatability: > 6 years (3800mA)
+/-0.3% of reading Record Cycle:
Sensor Type: 18 months
PT1000 2 wire, Class B Record Data:
Medium Temp. Range: Monthly Flow & Energy Totalizer
0 ~ +105 o C
Temp. Resolution: M-BUS (optional)
0.1 o C
Temp. Difference: One touch-control key (read only)
3 – 80 o C
Response Time:
Temp. Error: <15 Second
< 0.1 o C
Temp. Cable Length: Page 3
1.5m Protection Class:
Display: IP65
2 lines, LCD  Communicator:
Temperature M-BUS private communicator
o C (Supply and Return),  T
Totalizer Coupling x 1 Pair
kW.h (Standard), GJ (Optional)
M3, Hour,  8 Digit
Ball Valve with temperature sensor hole
Flow Rate M-BUS private communicator
M3/h, 4 digit
Pressure Drop:
Less than 0.2 Kg/cm2 (at Qn / Q3)